Basic Geometry Shapes

When your child is beginning geometry shapes, and you want to offer them homework help, or tutor them, you need to refresh your memory of basic geometry shapes and the corresponding formula!

Commencing geometry is exciting and fun.  Your child is probably familiar with many of the shapes they will study in elementary geometry, as you are! 

However through lack of use, you may have forgotten some of the other geometry shapes and the corresponding formulas.

In reality, to study geometric shapes your child should know the theory behind lines and angles first.  However, since our kids learn to recognize shapes long before they start school, I decided to put this section before lines and angles. 

So what are the shapes your children will need to know?

The Circle

The circle is a shape constructed so all points on the curve are an equal distance from its center point. 

Click on the circle image below to access a printable Fact sheet for the circle.


A Polygon is any shape constructed of three or more lines or line segments.


A Polyhedron is any three dimensional shape of three sides or more.

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