Fraction Strips

These free and printable fraction strips are an excellent math manipulative to help your child grasp different fraction concepts.

After a printed number line and base 10 blocks, they are probably the most used math manipulatives.

Fraction Strips will become battered quickly!

Printable strips are excellent because you want your child to fold these (manipulate them), to compare one fraction to another however, because of this, they will look very battered, very quickly.  But that's okay.  You want them to be used!  Simply come back and print another set if and when you need it!

Printable Fraction Strips

I have created two different sets for you.  The first is just the black outline, including fraction values, the second is identical in every way but is in color.

Simply Click on the Image you wish to print

If you choose to print the black and white set to save on ink, I encourage you to have your child color the strips.  It is very helpful to have each fraction value color coded.  You may also want to consider printing these on heavier paper or light card to increase their longevity. 

So, now that you have your Fraction Strips - are you ready to get started with our Fractions Section?

Or perhaps you would prefer to browse the rest of the great basic mat material available, starting from printable Math Worksheets Home Page. 

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