Fraction Manipulatives

Fraction manipulatives are excellent tools, if you wish to add a hands on approach to learning fractions.

These math manipulatives can be used at every stage of the fractions learning process, and offer your child a visual link to the skill being studied.

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I have created four different types for you.  You can choose one or choose to mix them up a bit! As you work throught the fraction lessons, 

starting with Fraction Concepts, I will make suggestions on which manipulative to use.  

Please note - these are only suggestions.  

The best manipulative to use, is the one your student feels most confident using!

You will find suggestions on each page for the production and storage, as well as tips on how to increase the longevity of each of these fraction manipulatives.

Now that you are armed with your Fraction Manipulatives, head over to our Fractions Section to get started!

Or if you prefer, why not explore all that Printable Math Worksheets has to offer?

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