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"My Child Struggles with Math. Why?"
February 16, 2016

Math Problems

When I started on the journey of creating this site, eight years ago, I really just saw a home for lots of pdf files that people could print off and give to their kids.

But it has grown from that initial concept. Grown a lot.

I decided to start putting up math explanations as well as the worksheets, and then thought, well why not help parents with tracking documents etc.

The more information, the more of you visited, the more I realized, many of you were in fact coming to the site - not only to give your kids worksheets, but to help them with math struggles they were having.

This saddened me!

Not that you are here helping your kids. That is amazing and excellent. What saddened me, is that many times, when a child is struggling with math, it is NOT because they can't do math. It is for some other reason.Unfortunately, many parents 'help' their kids in the same way the kids are being taught, and for the most part, the only thing that comes out of these sessions is a lot of frustration, and the child's belief that "I just can't do math" is confirmed.

If this is you, don't worry, but read on.

If your child isn't one of those kids who LOVES worksheets - don't give them more when they get home from school. You want your kid to enjoy math, to see the beauty of it, to see it for what it is - a great tool to make life a lot easier.

If you are butting heads over worksheets - stop giving them to your kid!

Let me ask you a question.

If your child is being taught in a specific way at school, and they are 'not getting it', why would continuing the same method at home help?

The unfortunate situation is that many parents are not teachers, so are pretty much only familiar with how their kids are being taught, and how you yourself were taught. If that method works, great.

But if you are still at a loss ...

sign up for this FREE course: My Child Struggles with Math. Why? designed for you to get to the root of your kids problems, and lots of strategies for you to try to use. Believe me, one of these will work!

I hope you find it helpful


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