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Fun Math Printable from K6Math
March 31, 2018

Easter Basket Fun Math Printable

Hi there

I thought since today is the day before Easter, and I know many parents create Easter baskets for their children, I wanted to send you this.

A printable Egg tangram your child will have lots of fun attempting to create many, many birds. All of course 'hatch' by using all the pieces of the tangram itself.

Print the colored version, or print the 'outline' version on plain or colored cardstock. If you go with plain cardstock, I highly encourage coloring or painting the eggs before cutting out the pieces.

It will be a beautiful fun addition to what you already have for your child, but be careful as you might find yourself completely intrigued by this Egg Tangram puzzle yourself.

I hope you enjoy it and if you celebrate Easter, have a wonderful weekend.



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