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"My Child Struggles with Math. Why?"
March 02, 2016

Celtic Design

St Patrick's Day seems to have been reduced to Leprechauns and Rainbows in elementary schools.If you do plan on celebrating this day, please consider teaching your child about celtic design

It is a great and fun way to have your child get used to working with construction drawing tools such as a ruler and compass, but it is also an excellent exercise concentrating on the relationship between different geometry shapes on a plane.

You can read more about this at this page: However as your subscriber 'gift' this month, I have created and e-book for you , that builds on the basic Trinity Knot, to produce some very stunning Celtic Knots.

All kids will be able to create these, as long as they take their time. This is an exercise in patience sometimes.

In case you missed it.

This month I Added some more downloads to the Math Posters section of the site.

I also posted some lovely directions on how to create a non-regular Tessellation

I sent details of a new online course for parents previously, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of it. My Child Struggles with Math. Why?

This was designed for parents to get to the root of a child's problems with math, and lots of strategies to try to use. Believe me, one of these will work!

Don't forget to share. If you know anyone who may be interested in this, it is, and always will be completely free to my readers.

I hope you find it helpful, and have a wonderful month.


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