Eight Steps to Offering Effective Geometry Help 

If you, like me, are a parent, you most likely received geometry help the 'old school way' -

"Here's the formula, plug in the values, get the answer and move on!"

This is the fast, efficient and correct way of calculating geometry problems. And in all honesty, it is the desired end result - but is it the best way to teach your child?

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How much understanding will they have of the information?

Don't allow geometry to become just an obscure area of math on paper?

Geometry is so much more than that! Use this page as your starting point to offering some amazing help to your child, and maybe you will both have some fun along the way! 

Offer Geometry Help in Eight Easy Steps

  1. Explain that calculating geometry problems is not the same as understanding geometry.
  2. Do not hesitate to take your child back a step to clarify understanding
  3. Allow the use of a Geometry Dictionary
  4. Expose your child to the geometry that surrounds them.
  5. Use Manipulatives.
  6. Intentionally do stuff wrong!
  7. Never be inflexible. There is ALWAYS more than one way of doing a question.
  8. The MOST IMPORTANT STEP to offering Geometry Help!

The only one of these steps that I feel I need to explain a little, is step number 1 - that calculating geometry problems is not the same as understanding geometry.

This is a difficult concept for children to understand. There is so much emphasis on getting the correct answer in our educational system.
A student can arrive at the correct answer using what I call the 'plug and play' method and basic geometry formulas. Unfortunately for the student, when questions become more complicated and require understanding along with the formulas; they can become lost and frustrated!

Action Step Ask your child to explain each of the basic geometry formulas to you. If you get an answer along the lines of "it just is" - they don't understand. This takes us to ... Step 2!

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