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Brain Flexor
April 21, 2015

The Worksheet Battle!

As useful as worksheets are for kids, they just get so many of them at school, even more at home is a struggle.

I am finding it especially difficult right now with my 2nd grader. She cringes at the sight of work books and work sheets, because they are completing so many of them at school!

So what can we do as parents?

We know (especially during vacation time) they lose critical reading and basic math skills, but it's understandable that sometimes we just back away from the 'worksheet battle'!

I thought long and hard about this, and decided to publish the type of book I was looking for, but simply couldn't find.

Brain Flexor - I am happy to announce - is now available at Amazon. You can find it at But before you go there ... if you are on Facebook - like the new K6Math page - I am currently running a promotion where you could win a free copy!

Brain Flexor

Brain Flexor is written in a cartoon style format, with a fun presentation of math questions and puzzles that will keep your child focused.

Many of the questions can be answered using basic math skills, as long as your child can think logically and stick with a problem for a while. It really has something for everyone. The better the math skills a reader has will just mean a person will approach a question differently!

Don't forget to like the facebook page and give yourself the chance to win your free copy!

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