How to make a non regular tessellation

Have you ever wondered how non regular tessellation creations are made.  You know what a tessellating tile is, but how do you figure out the outline for a quirky shape?  Read this step by step process with beautiful images all the way!

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Cut a two inch square piece of paper

Make a Square

Cut a two inch square from a piece of paper.

From the center point on one side, draw a wavy line to the center point of the opposite side.

Repeat this process for the remaining two sides.

Step 2

Place Dots

Place a dot in the corner of each square.  These will be used only as guides!

Step 3


Cut each of these sections from each other.

Step 4


Rotate each of these pieces, so that all 4 90 degree angles (the corners with the dots) connect with each other at the center of the shape. Secure well with some tape.

Step 5

Create your new non regular tessellating shape.

Place your taped shape on a piece of card.  Outline it, creating your new shape as one piece.  This shape now tessellates perfectly! 

Step 6

Test your shape!

Use your card shape as a stencil.  Outline your shape on a piece of A4 paper.  Then rotate to see how it fits together.  Color each tile differently, to make a beautiful piece of art.

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